Avalanche - orientation E Avalanche Mont Blanc, secteur Aiguilles Marbrées

23 January 2015 11:13
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Avalanche Mont Blanc, secteur Aiguilles Marbrées - Photo 1 - © Erin Smart
4 photos © Erin Smart
"Myself and 3 friends (2 of which are guides) skied the Marbree on Friday first run. We dropped in from the Col de Rochefort at about 10am. Our main concern going in was looking for wind and storm slabs. There was no evidence of wind loading, and there appeared to be less storm snow than anticipated, so we decided to ski the run. The snow was cold, and loose dry snow was running fast [...] We hit the road, and as we were walking back down towards La Palud, we saw the avalanche. It released at 11:13am."

Merci aussi à Gabriel Bernard pour ses informations et photos complémentaires.

L'un des skieurs emporté est décédé.
Observator: Erin Smart

Avalanche characteristics

Break: thickness ? cm, max 300 cm, length 200 m. 3350 m. Flow: Mixed ? m.
Main origin
Ski touring, downhill
Snow quality
Soft dry

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