Avalanche Soda Mountain, Co, , Flume of Doom, near Buffalo Pass, NE of Steamboat Springs - 03/01/2005

The two skiers (one was a snowboarder) had driven to the top of the slope on a snowmobile. N° 1 skis down (you can see his tracks), triggers the avalanche has he jumps off some small rocks. He makes a hard right turn into the gully and is hit by the moving snow. N° 2 can see this happen but sees a little powder cloud at the bottom of the slope and hears no yells. He starts down, then sees the debris and takes off his snowboard and walks down. Finds this difficult going so he puts his board back on for a few meters and then puts it back off. This is when the small little avalanche to his left (photo's right side) releases.

PhotoVoir l'avalanche sur data-avalanche.org