Avalanche Ten Mile Range, Colorado , secteur Bartlett Mountain , N20E - 31/10/2009

3 backcountry skiers hiked in about 5km to ski a very steep, rugged chutes on the north side of Bartlett Mountain. The first skier skied an adjacent, less-steep, couloir from where the avalanche occurred. Once at the bottom this skier set up to take photos of his friends. The second skier made 5 or 6 turns when he triggered the avalanche. He was swept down and partly buried (head and one arm out) in the round zone. The 17-year-old victim also suffered a broken leg.Using a mobile phone one friend called 911 to report the accident. A medical helicopter was sent to the site and retrieved the injured skier.One of the largest molybdenum mines (Climax) in the world is carved into the west side of Bartlett Mountain -- the skiers were on the east side -- and miners have lowered mountain's summit by as much as 100 meters.

PhotoVoir l'avalanche sur data-avalanche.org