Avalanche Suisse Centrale, secteur Forstberg - 21/01/2017

"How chance works.... probably avoided a terrible accident. We were supposed to be on that very slope the day before, and also supposed to start early thus be the first on it. At the last minute we decided to go Sunday instead of Saturday. 2 persons got caught, one safe and the other in critical condition. It is impressive to see how wide the crown is, even spanning rocks. Probably 200m width and 400m long. Level 2, slope 35-40 deg, protected from the wind - when standard good practices tell you the risk is acceptable for the average citizen. Local people told us they never saw this face slides (although somebody else said differently), but at the same time (probably the explanation) that it probably did not get skied this season. The mountain is always a lottery." <br> La photo a été prise le 22/01.

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